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We will contribute to the beauty and health of many people by transmitting the most advanced and high-quality information, such as technologies, know-how and facilities related to beauty and regenerative medicine and anti-aging in Japan, in an easy-to-understand and accurate manner.

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A media business that uses WEB, SNS, videos and events to introduce recommended clinics and doctors related to beauty and health in Japan.


He grew up in a diplomat's home and spent his childhood in Zambia, Norway and Nigeria. He has also been a junior athlete and has won the National Tennis Women's Singles Championship in Norway for children under 12 years old. Entered a medical school with the aim of becoming a doctor specializing in anti-aging from the quest for health and beauty. He has been conscious of beauty and anti-aging as a professional discipline since he was a student, and presented "Analysis of spots and wrinkles using an image analyzer in patients with senile pigment spots on the face" at the 115th Dermatological Association. Everybody works with the goal of creating a healthy, beautiful and ageable society.


It is said that it is the age of 100 years, and it is important not only to live long but also to be sick, not to be sick, to be young and healthy both inside and outside, in order to grow old happily I have come. Although the definition of "anti-aging" has not always been established, I have said, "I am aging as I grow older, resisting those that have a negative effect on my body, not getting sick, and being physically and mentally healthy and beautiful. I'm chewing on it. But don't most people care little while they are healthy?

In order to realize the happiness of many people who are going to grow old, including themselves, it is important to spread the concept of anti-aging to all age groups and established this company. .

Aging starts with the growth of cells from the moment of birth. If you do something that is not appropriate when you are young, your health will often be adversely affected in the future.

For example, if you have a cold as a child, you may be given more antibiotics than necessary. In this case, even intestinal bacteria are reduced to good bacteria. For this reason, it is said that immunity, inflammation, and metabolism after growth may be adversely affected.

Anti-aging measures are actually important from an early age.

On the other hand, there is a lot of inaccurate information about beauty and health these days.

In such a situation, as a doctor, I want to provide good information to more people. I want to spread the importance of anti-aging to younger and older people, and work with sincerity so that many people, both inside and outside, can stay healthy and beautiful.


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